Chapter One Studio

Chapter One Studio
P.O. Box 20321
390 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON. K1N 1A3

Chapter One Studio is an Ottawa-based design firm that opened it’s electronic doors in 2009 by André Mersereau. With a combined work experience of over 40 years our philosophy has always been to provide successful, innovative design solutions for both our new and established loyal clients. To do this we draw on a pool of creative freelance talent on a project by project basis to ensure our clients get a custom tailored team with the highest level of expertise for their project. We have established relationships with a wide range of service providers including printers, editors, photographers, illustrators and copywriters.

André Mersereau
Creative Director
Andre MersereauAs a skilled visual communicator André has over eight years of industry experience in graphic design and related technologies working in a wide range of mediums. He has held project management positions in both the newsprint and publishing industries targeting regional, national and international markets. His originality, flair and technical ability combined with a highly developed work ethic make him invaluable to any client or creative team.

Rick Bond
Senior Web Designer
Rick BondThe web is constantly changing and evolving… this can be a powerful tool, when used correctly. To be successful, you need to change along with it. With his 8 years of professional experience working for clients such as MDS Nordion, Alcatel-Lucent, and the Government of Canada, Rick can help you stay ahead of the curve by offering custom web solutions that are one step ahead of your competition.

Stephanie Head
Copy-Editor/Education Specialist
Stephanie strongly believes that educational principals are at the base of any well-Stephanie Headcommunicated message. Stephanie holds both a Bachelors of Education and a Masters of Education. With over 5 years experience her areas of specialty are French-language acquisition, historical education, and program development. Viewing design through a unique lens, Stephanie ensures that your message is well communicated.